Young Arts

HADFAS Young Arts Scheme aims to encourage the appreciation and enjoyment of the arts by young people in the area.  Since 1999 we have funded projects every year in local schools.  Visiting artists have spent up to a week with the children passing of their expertise on a variety of subjects such as sculpture, painting, paper-making, poetry, felt-making and glass mosaics.


In June 2017 HADFAS sponsored an artist, Natasha Rehman, to help create a painted mural. The mural created by the children at Redbourn Junior school, was 9 metres long and designed to go on an exterior wall at the school. The project took place during the school’s Arts and Science week and all 270 children had prepared a design based on mathematical shapes. Twenty HADFAS members volunteered to help the children, and it was a rewarding experience for everyone. The unveiling took place on 6th October 2017 and was attended by pupils, parents, teachers and HADFAS members.

The project was financed by HADFAS, Redbourn Primary School, and grants from Area and the Patricia Fay Fund. 

In 2014 HADFAS sponsored a project at Lady Zia Wernher School in Luton. It was challenging as all the children were disabled, but this made it especially rewarding, and the fountain which we helped them to make will give them pleasure for years to come.

In 2014 Helen Robinson helped the children of High Beeches SchoolHarpenden to make two stained glass windows for the new extension of their school.The adults cut up the glass pieces ( safety reasons !) and the children placed them on the outline. The result was two splendid windows depicting ' Night' and 'Day '

Our last project in October 2016 was at the Harpenden Academy. With the help of HADFAS members and some parents we helped the 8 to 11 year olds to sew a large banner for their library. It was a challenge for the children as many had not really sewn before. However they mastered blanket, chain and cross stitch and sewed on many buttons and beads. Each one made a book illustrating their favourite story, and they also sewed a beautiful representation of their old Victorian School building.

All three projects brought together three generations in Harpenden - the children, the parents and the older HADFAS members, which was great.